Server - 1.13.1 Pack - 1.13.1

At the start of your Wizarding Adventure your ramk is set the to defualt  rank of YoungWizard until you know what house you want to be in. This rank is easy to pass as once you buy all you items its off to Hogwarts. 
At Hogwarts you will be sorted in one of the 4 houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. These houses are like you family great work will earn you House Points any rule breaking will lose you all these points. At the end of each Quarter of a year, the House with the most points is rewared a prize. one the year is done the House with the most wins a grand prize. 
At Hogwarts there are 7 years to learn magic. Each year will last a minimum time of a month any student can carry on after the month is over to finish their spells. Students have to be logged in to have the month completed. Students may not expect to be on once and off for the rest and to rank to the next year. The Minimum time and all spells asked have to be completed to advance.
The spells are great fun to learn each year has a set amount of spells to learn, by pressing thr blue spell name at the top of each page you will learn that spell. then it is as simple on finding the spell via righting clicking with the wand until you find that spell and left clicking to cast.  Currently there is a cooldown for each spell otherwise to many spells at one time will crash the server so NO spamming spells.

The spell books for each year are found in Florish and Blotts which is in Diagon Alley. Any student to have been found with a spell book that is to advance for them then they will have the book removed and they will lose House points.

During Hogwarts every student  must behave then self and listen to the rules givem, good work and listening will earn that students house points towards the House cup race. Tailing to listen to rules will students will lose their house points. The house cup is set up in to four different  parts with the Autumn cup starting the new school year off. After, follows Winter, Sping and lastly Summer. At the of each Quarter the House with the most points wins wins the seaonal cup. The house that has the most Seasonal wins wins the overall House cup at the end of the year.
The prize for winning is  

- 1000 Gaellons each for 1st place
- 750 Gaellons each for 2nd place 
- 500 Gaellons each for 3rd place
- 100 Galleons each for 4th place

Life after Hogwarts is weird, As one does not know where to go, what to do with their new magic. It is required that very Witch/Wizard should become a ministry work as it is a good way of imcome. When joining the Ministry each player will recieve 500,000 Galleons to their Gringotts Account. This can be used to buy a new house or keep it and save until needed.
 At the Ministry of Magic you can learn even more by working there. The Ministry offers so many jobs of users to join in and create an amazing magical feel to the Wizarding world. The book on how to join the Ministry will be in the Book shop soon. 
There is a rank system within the Ministry of Magic of 3rd, 2nd and 1st class wiards/witches.  
3rd Class 
This rank is a common class of wizard for thoes who have just left Hogwarts and have started their  job. 
To get the next rank you must be willing to help by any cost and do everything that is asked

This rank is a hard rank to get. A Wizard/Witch can get this rank if they have been loyal and helpful to the Ministry and others.
To get the next rank you must come up with an amazing  project, see it through and be commited to it.
nomitations will be help get the next rank.

1st Class
This Class of Wizard/Witch is the hardest of all to get. It is resevered for the VIP's of the server.