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Contest 2018

Welcome Muggles and Students to the Wizarding Worlds First Texture Pack contest.
The contest will be from now and the 31st of Jan 2018. The lucky winner will have their submission added to the Wizarding World Texture pack, They will have a feature on the Packs PMC page, Zeon Blacktooths PMC profile and also this website.

A new wand is an exciting time for all of us, but designs are hard to think of most of the time. You task is to design a wand in any form being on paper, in photoshop or even in Windows Paint. Then your design will be made in to a 3D model and will be given texture to how you have designed.

Please do not copy any wand designs that have been made in real or in the texture pack.
Any wand that looks like a copy of a real wand will not be place in the contest.

Mediafire is free to upload pictures, submit over a link to the picture in the contact form.

Name/Minecraft Name
(optional) Description
Photo link